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About bubbledad

When my son was six he wanted to have a bubble-themed birthday party. I bought a bunch of bubble stuff for the party and that was it. I was hooked.


After a few years of making bigger and bigger bubbles as a hobby, I saw Melody Yang in the amazing Gazillion Bubble Show. It opened my eyes to how magical bubbles can be. It took me another year to make the connection between the magic of bubbles and their super-cool scientific properties. Further still, it took me several more months to make the connection between those cool scientific properties and my master's degree having studied informal education. Once all those elements started coming into focus, Bubbledad was born.


Bubbling brings me an immense amount of joy. Partly because it's so incredibly satisfying but mostly because bubbles make EVERYONE smile. (Well, just about everyone...) My hope is that every bubble I create will bring a smile to someone's face and in some small way make the world a little bit happier place to be.


Chris Catanese, Proprietor & Bubbledad

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